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Our Dentists

Dt. Onur Öztürk

Born in 1978 Ankara, Dr. Onur Öztürk, graduated from Istanbul University’s School of Dentistry in 2001. In 2002, he started his MSc. on "Prosthetic Dental Treatments. He graduated in 2003 after completing his thesis on "Edge compatibility of different inlay materials.”


In 2004, he began his doctorate studies at Istanbul University’s School of Dentistry where he focused on the study of "Kuron Köprü Protezleri Bilim Dalı". He continued his studies along with his clinical work at Plusdent Dental Aesthetics Clinic until graduation. He is specialized in Cosmetic Dentistry.


After receiving his degree, Dr. Ozturk worked in several clinics and hospitals as a Dental Specialist. He has participated in major seminars and symposiums regarding Cosmetic Dentistry, to keep abreast of the latest in dental procedures.


Dr. Ozturk is married and has 2 daughters. His hobbies include photography, internet, Technology and gadgets.



Dt. Mehmet Zahid Kazandı

Dr. Kazandı, graduated from Istanbul University’s School of Dentistry in 2001.


In 2003 he started his MSc. on "Prosthetic Dental Treatments." He graduated in 2005 with his thesis on "Pharmacological treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders.”


Dr. Kazandı participates in dental symposiums and seminars and is particularly interested in adhesive dentistry.

His hobbies are mythology, movies, fine dining and golf.


Dr. Med. Dent. Rüştü Dağlaroğlu

He was born in 1976 in Germany. After completing his primary education in İstanbul Özel Kalamış Primary School, he attended his secondary and high school education in İstanbul Özel Alman Lisesi. In 1994, he received a one year high school education at Pingry High School in New Jersey, USA with AFS international student exchange program.

He graduated from German High School in 1995 and started his university education at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in the same year. He graduated from university in 2000 and took the title of Dentist.

In 2000, he started PhD study at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Endodontics. In 2007, he completed his PhD thesis named  “Effectiveness of different Ni-Ti rotary instruments during retreatment in curved root canals.” and received Dr. Med. Dent. title.

Between 2009-2018 he worked as an instructor in Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry.

He is married and has one child.